First, insist on technology-oriented service concept

Noel insists technology, EMC provides professional and technical services:
1, through the optimization of the schematic plan of the clock, interface, shielding, grounding, etc., to ensure good EMC performance schematics programs;
2, for PCB design, experience design review process in accordance with Noel, review optimization, ensuring PCB design meets the EMC levels;
3, through product EMC test problems, professional engineers integrated debugging, put forward solutions to ensure EMC performance to meet customer requirements.
4, high-speed, high-density, high-power, high-voltage, analog, RF, mixed, audio and video products, PCB design services, at minimal cost, the shortest cycle to achieve the best EMC design;
5, to consulting, training, on-site service approach, actively involved in assisting the customer's product safety, EMC design, our goal is: to become the customers of consultants and loyal and reliable EMC, safety engineers

Two, UPS, power supply, inverter and industrial complex circuits and electronic product certification

Power supply equipment, industrial equipment and sophisticated electronic products, designed by a combination of a variety of topologies, requiring testing, certification engineer with a strong understanding of the circuit, in order to assess the reasonableness of the security products, and the impact of current large abnormal test If the product does not understand, are likely to cause the power grid, engineers, environmental damage, so many third-party laboratories and institutions do not have the capacity and conditions of this part of the product certification.
Our long-term certification services in this area, has accumulated a wealth of experience, and configure the appropriate equipment, test environment, our features are: With perfect product development and design of our experience and accelerate the certification requirements of customers, to create a line of the market. Accordingly, so that we and many foreign institutions are more understanding, but also to be recognized and for their support of these institutions.

Third, wireless product certification

Noel has a group of experienced RF engineers, can provide a variety of wireless products, multi-national wireless authentication services and consulting for different customers.
Asia: China SRRC, Japan TELEC/MIC/JATE, Taiwan NCC, Korea KC, Hong Kong OFTA, Malaysia SIRIM、Singapore IDA, India WPC
Americas: US FCC ID, Canada IC, Mexico NOM, ANATEL Brazil
Australia: Australia RCM (A / C-Tick)
Europe: CE-RED